From now on, the business can use automatic system of VAT refund

From now on, taxpayers will be able to use automatic system for the surplus VAT refund, generated on the basis VAT declaration.

The VAT automatic return takes into consideration returning the surplus generated from VAT payment with a new and simplified system upon delivering the declaration.

After enactment of the above system, assessment of the January, 2019 and subsequent reporting periods will happen through the automatized system.

Low Risk Declarations, the number of which will be less than 90% of the submitted declarations, will be reflected on the VAT return card on a monthly basis. High risk declarations that do not exceed 10% of the declarations presented during the month will be moved in hand study mode.

After studying, it is possible to adjust the amounts to be deposited by declaration or to reflect the declared data unchanged on the "VAT return" card.

The requested amount will be returned by the entrepreneur at the Revenue Service Portal of the Ministry of Finance (on the payer's personal page) by clicking on the appropriate button.

This initiative is an unprecedented reform in the tax system, based on its scale and content.The process is fully based on the modern experience of advanced tax organs and is based on risk-based methodology.

The reform was announced in the beginning of last year and its preparatory work lasted for more than a year.


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