New Customs Check Point was commissioned on October 18, 2015 at Georgian-Turkish border connecting the land road customs systems of the two countries at Kartsakhi. In parallel, Aktas-Cildir Customs Check Point was commissioned on the Turkish side of the border.

Commissioning of a new customs check point at Georgian-Turkish border was marked with a joint official launch ceremony.

Event was attended by H.E. Nodar Khaduri, Minister of Finance of Georgia, H.E. Cenaf Ashji, Minister of Customs and Trade of Turkey and other senior government officials of the two countries.
As noted at the official launch ceremony, this customs check point will facilitate the socio-economic development of the region, increase the transit potential of the country and employment of local residents by thereby improving the international transportation and cross-border trade through Georgia and Turkey.

Modernisation and advancement of customs infrastructure, effective management of clearance procedures are among the top priorities of the authorities. Respectively, new customs infrastructure ensures the following:
• User-friendly service delivery for comfortable and efficient transportation and commuting;
• Reduced burden on Sarpi and Vale Customs Check Points;
• Improvements to customs policy;
• Increased customs throughput by clearing 500-600 trucks and 10000 passengers a day;
• New jobs and additional income generation opportunities.
Around 70 individuals (customs officers, phytosanitary and veterinary professionals, support staff and lease vendors) have been employed at the Customs Check Point initially. Out of which, 80-85% are local residents.

Value of construction works and equipment deployed at Kartsakhi Customs Check Point reached 11 532 940 GEL. Over 200 individuals have been working on the project since the launch of the initiative, out of which 40-50 people are local residents.

Today the border was crossed by individuals and trucks.


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