Prevention, determination, investigation and conduction of the complete preliminary investigation to the extent of the competency; organize and carry out an expertise pursuant to the Code of Criminal Procedure of Georgia as well as on ground of the authority granted under the Law of Georgia “About the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance” and by securing of other regulatory acts.

Determination of Administrative Violations in Financial-Economic Field and Prevention based on Administrative Code of Georgia and competences considered under the other normative acts.

Defend the staff from the illegal intervention in the determined procedures in order to ensure the safety for the activity of the Ministry of Finance and performance of the official obligations.

  • Head of the Service
  • Internal Inspection Division
  • Special Detachment
  • Operative–Technical Department
  • Deputy Head of the Service
  • Investigation Department
  • Deputy Head of the Service
  • Department of Economy
  • Administration
  • Department of Special Investigation and Expertise