The Ministry of Finance of Georgia strives to improve the professionalism of the employees of the system of the Ministry of Finance, as well as to strengthen the competence of human resources of the country. In order to serve the purpose LEPL - Academy of the Ministry of Finance was established.

The Academy of the Ministry of Finance is legal entity of public law under the Ministry of Finance with the mission to provide all segments of society with high quality trainings and educational programs based on the needs of interested persons.

Academy’s purpose is to raise the level of professionalism within the Ministry of Finance as well as facilitating professionalism throughout Georgia. Academy aspires to serve Georgia’s need for professional knowledge, skill, and career development by adhering, evaluating, producing, distributing valuable information in a way that benefits our customers, employees, other investors, and society as a whole.

The Academy works closely with both the public and the business sector, international organizations and academic circles. The main priorities are: finance, budgeting, tax administration, accounting, management, foreign languages and professional skills and projects aimed at developing relevant skills for human resources.



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