Statement of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Ministry of Finance of Georgia is responding to the statement made by the Main Intelligence Division of the Ministry of Defense and Irina Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine claiming that Georgian political leadership is allegedly in agreement with Russia on smuggling the sanctioned goods through Georgia and is hereby declaring that this information is a completely ungrounded and ludicrous accusation.

From the very first days of sanctions imposed by the international community on the Russian Federation, Georgia has been pursuing most severe control at every check-point of the country and has been tightly monitoring the inbound and outbound transportation of cargo through the sovereign borders of the country.

The Ministry of Finance of Georgia is declaring with full responsibility that any type of goods, including the military or of dual designation, as well as any product indicated in the list of sanctions, is subject to a tight control at customs by the Georgian authorities.

It is worth noting that detailed information about it is shared with our every international partner.

Georgia will further continue to pursue the most tight control towards this end and will keep partners informed.


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